Maine Fine Woodworking Products

Product Highlights

At Once A Tree our inventory is constantly changing. Some items are one of a kind works of art. Most are available year round, though a few require special ordering, shipped directly to you in about 2 to 6 weeks.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to place an order, our in store sales staff can assist by phone (800 236-0440) or email (

The Tree of Life

Perhaps more than any of our finely crafted items, The Tree of Life embodies our product philosophy. Warm, rich and vibrant, The Tree of Life, like everything else we offer, catches the eye, warms the heart and piques the imagination.

Hanging Chairs

Our hanging chairs are beautifully crafted of oak and water resistant poly-cotton rope, and their unique design makes for unsurpassed comfort and versatility. Through simple adjustments, the chairs can be reclined to any position. Available with or without a footrest and your choice of green or natural colored cushions.

Please note: special order. Shipping additional.

Handcrafted Wooden Bowls

Salad just tastes better served in a wooden bowl! Our wooden bowls are truly tomorrow's heirloom's.

Looking for a special gift that is functional and beautiful? Consider a wood bowl from Once a Tree!

Cutting Boards

We have a wide selection of cutting boards, serving platters, carving boards and all sorts of kitchen necessities and gadgets.

Our cutting boards are a gift giving favorite... meant to be used for years and years.

We've Branched Out!

Though we are deeply rooted to always offering a great selection of items made of wood, we have branched out over the years to include accessories and necessities for you and your home.

We offer great lines of affordable jewelry, candles, soaps, windchimes, bouy bells, bird houses, handbags, pottery, lamps, wine glasses, children's books, toys, plus new and innovative eco-friendly products.

Many of these items are our favorites and remain to be some of our best sellers.

Jewelry Boxes

Bubinga? Maple? Kewazingo? Cherry? Our popular jewelry boxes are available in a dazzling variety of warm woods and beautiful designs. Handcrafted in the USA, each box is skillfully hewn from a single piece of wood to ensure perfection of both color and grain. Choose a one, two or three box drawer to pamper, organize, and nurture your jewelry, keepsakes, treasures and heirlooms in the rich style they deserve.